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the best
Vickie's massages are theBEST I have ever had!  She knows what she is
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Feels like I have an entirely new leg! Wow. Thank you. ~MH
Jim Diem
Frozen shoulder fixed! I was diagnosed with Frozen shoulder a few weeks ago after dealing with severe pain for months. Doc prescribed therapy and a cortisone shot, and my wife (a Nurse) prescribed Vicki :) in addition to my pt (due to she has used her for herself and my son, and for him, significantly reduce his migraines and vomiting by working in conjunction with a chiropractor; total life saver for him, the rest of the medical community failed on that one). After our first session, I regained 50% of my mobility. The PT folks were amazed at the progress in just one week and mentioned that it just does not happen. After week 2, I regained 50% again of my remaining lack of mobility, and again after week 3. The PT team continues to mention how very unusual it is to heal from this type of issue so quickly. I'm at about 90% mobility in my shoulder now in 3 short weeks and it is awesome. Her approach makes sense and it works. If you are going to PT for some injury or issue that is muscular/structural, or have some issue that just won't resolve, then I strongly recommend Vicki and let her work her magic. Reasonably priced and worth every penny.
I have scoliosis and saw Vicki for the first time when I was given a gift certificate.

Over the years I have had many different people work on me with little to no lasting change. Vicki was able to lessen the pain and improve my ability to move right away. She also took the time to teach me many things I can do in my daily activities that improve how I feel and move on  a day to day basis. 

 I look forward to moving even more and enjoying less pain with my workouts. Life renewed! Thanks Vicki
Laurie Christenson Koeck reviewed A Touch of Health and Wellness LLC — 5 star
I have been in pain for months. I am literally sitting here wondering where the pain had gone. Amazing, non-traditional and i will be back.
5 Years Older now and still in better shape! It was about 5 years ago when I started seeing Vicky Walther for massage therapy. 

My back and shoulder were so uncomfortable that working was difficult and riding my bike impossible.  Since those early days I have been grateful to Vicky every time I go on a cross country tour and have no problems standing when I get off my bike. There is always something I have strained, bruised, twisted or need worked on every six weeks. 

I may be 5 years older but I am in better physical shape now than I was 5 years ago! Thanks Vicky.
Gift Certificate purchased online for Mom I called Vicki to get a gift certificate for my mom. We had a bit of time but I live out of state and expected to have to mail a check.  Vicki provided a link and I was able to use PayPal online to securely pay without leaving the office!
Thanks for working across the distance!
Still helping! I researched the initials behind the name, and the process of mechano-therapy, before coming to see Vicki with my family member. Migraines with vertigo for 6 months now. Truly, the only ones who have helped noticeably thus far are Vicki and her AWESOME mechano-therapist skills, and the chiropractor we see. The mechanotherapy sessions have been consistently helpful and Vicki is great with teaching holistic focused habits to maintain the good effects between visits. As she says, she gets the cases that haven't found relief elsewhere. The appointments aren't light and easy, but the lasting benefits are worth it. Vicki works in tandem with our chiropractor, enhancing both their treatments. Other medical providers seen for these nasty migraines have studiously ignored the involvement of both Vicki and the chiropractor - obviously because Vicki and the chiro actually have positive effects! Thank you Vicki!
Mary H
Only If You Want To Be Whole Again This is THE place to go for body repair and maintenance! but only if you want to be whole again. You can get a relaxing massage with talented and educated hands if you want to, but if you're serious about getting all your body's moving and working parts to function as a whole, healthy unit, make that appointment, here, now. Vicki's hands are miracles of nature!
Mechanotherapist = less pain! Thank God for Vicki! Out of a action for months with verigo migraine. Drugs, biofeedback,tests, therapy....nothing helped until we found Vicki. She has taken the time to explain everything AND to research solutions. Vicki is a lifesaver!!!! I
Glad I found Vicki. I waschallenged with severe headaches, low back pain that is debilitating and at age 23 have had several injuries, surgeries. I am forever grateful that Vicky has been able to help me when no one else could.
Less back pain makes life fun again and I miss less because of mindless pain of headaches. Thank you, Vicki. 
FYI  Vicki will ask if the self-care stuff she talks about is helping, make sure ya do your "homework.
chronic migraines and neck pain I was injured on the job several years ago which resulted in neck surgery.  I have had neck pain that never gets below a pain scale of 4 for years. I also am challenged with cervicogenic migraines. Since starting treatment with Vicki I am pleased to report that I have had ONE migraine in about 3 months (before treatment with Vicki I was getting 3-5 migraines per week) and my range of motion has significantly increased.  We are eager to determine if the neck pain will further reduce over time.
Hip pain resolved Walked in the door with a gimpy leg and paiin in my hip. Vicki readily assessed the issue and worked to resolve the muscle imbalace in my calf that was making everything else bad. Walked out without any problems. Thank you!
See Vicki!
Pamela Rowley reviewed A Touch of Health and Wellness LLC — 5 star
September 23, 2015 · 
Vicki has a talent to read your body before you can even tell her what's wrong. Often she knows what is the cause of the problem without an explanation. 
My husband was rotating his foot constantly because of tight muscles on the top of his foot before coming in, and now he doesn't even think about his foot.
I have walked into her office and without saying a word, She is telling Me what ails me!
A definite for any sports enthusiast or active person. See Vicki!
Migraine free! and "knotless" bliss Just thought you might like to know. Five, count them, 5 nights without a migraine and my left side is "knotless". Yeah !!
ability to tie shoe Review of Vicki Walther I mentioned that I was having trouble bringing up my foot to tie my shoe and sure enough, a couple of checks later - VIcki was able to work on the muscles that were causing the problem.
I can tie my shoe again without a problem! Thank you !
Barbara P
definitely a 5-star rating felt 100% better after my Wed neck/shoulder massage. Have had very little, if any, stiffness since them. Am doing the standing & stretching exercises several times each day. Took your advice & bought a small purse to carry just the "essentials"---Thank you!
Great experience! Vicki has helped with the pain where others have failed. I wished I had been aware of this kind of therapy sooner. She is a caring and kind person.
Best Experience I have been to many places for deep tissue massage and Vicki is by far, the best massage therapist I have been lucky enough to find. Not only is she amazing with her techniques while working on your body, she also is just a fantastic person to do business with. I felt very welcomed and comfortable when I sat down for my consolation. Vick does a great job asking questions and really getting down to your true health needs. Not only is it a relaxing experience, but it is also extremely helpful with specific conditions you may have. I was in a car accident last April and Vicki was very helpful to me when going over what was all wrong with my back because of the accident. I am very, very happy and blessed that I found Vicki. Thank science for internet!! Looking forward to going back on a weekly basis for treatment and help.
Headaches Gone! After suffering with a headache that kept coming back every day for two weeks I had my regular monthly appointment with Vicki. The headache is completely gone and has not returned for over two weeks now. What a relief!. Thanks.
Vicki Walther, LMT, CMT
client question - I was asked by a client today if there were anything I disliked about massage therapy as a profession and career?

The answer was immediate - book-work and year end.
 It is widely known that  I truly love what I do and get the greatest joy from seeing people keep moving and stay well. That look of pure Jell-O, stress free and being  able to move with significantly less pain. Feels like a touch down! ( And I don't speak football). 

Thank you.

Wonderful experience! Vicki is a great massage therapist. She is very caring, highly skilled and really understands & listens to how pain is affecting your everyday life. It was a pleasure to be her client.
Will M
Far, Far Beyond a Massage I have been a client and have submitted to Mrs.Vicki Walther's therapy for 3 months now with amazing results. I suffered from chronic headache pain periodically for several years and because of Vicki's extensive knowledge, her treatments have given me almost complete relief.We addressed shoulder and chest pain and discomfort with successful results. I have worked with other massage therapists in the past and never experienced the absolute results I have at "Touch of Health". Vicki is truly an expert healer and my almost immediate results have sold me on her profesional abilities time after time.
Patricia F
found my hot spots Being my first time to a massage therapist I was completely happy with Vicki's work on me. She listened very carefully to what I was telling her and I could tell she was also paying attention to what my body was telling her. I would recommend Vicki to everyone I know and I truly look forward to my upcoming appointments :)
Massage for Lyme's I started going for weekly massages to help flush the toxins from my body caused by Lyme's Disease. While the first couple of massages were difficult because of the nausea afterward I am now feeling better and still noticing improvement in how I feel after a couple of months. Looking forward to continuing to feel better! Thank you Vicki.
Heidi S
My shoulders aren't sore!!! I went to see Vicki after weeks of shoulder pain. After the first visit, I was pain free!!! She was wonderful!
Virginia W
I'm going for the 10-Pack I never really considered myself a person who loved massages, but I recently heard Vicki speak on the benefits of her work, so I decided to try her service to see what it could do for my body. She listened to me and my body so her service was totally personalized to ME. I went away feeling extremely satisfied and willing to try it again. I think I'm a convert!
Nagging shoulder pain relieved by massage therapy I have had a nagging pain in my shoulder for months that other health care professionals were unable to provide any solution for except pain medication. It was a great relief to have Vicki provide a solution. She took the time to determine what muscle seemed to be the culprit and readily went to work removing what she described as a trigger point. Very grateful to be able to move my shoulder better and have almost no pain now. Thank you Vicki. I will see you again soon. M.
HAPPINESS I just had my first massage with Vicki.WOW!.Wonderful experience, have already recommended her to others.I will return again and again.Thank You Vicki.
unique massage received my very first full body 60 min. massage from Vicki at Touch just today. am extremely satisfied she is a true professional. so satisfied that I signed up for a package of 10 massages. Vicki is an exceptionally talented massage therapist.
Massage as a X-Mas gift My massage was great! Shortly after the massage, my operated knee started to stiffen up but the next day it was fine. My lower back became stiff too but was fine the next day. I am sure the muscles had not been worked in a while and responded to the massage with initial stiffness. I feel great now
Sports Massage Contacted Vicki to book massage to help with low back discomfort after starting a new workout. Scheduling online was a great experience and the massage itself surpassed expectation. She took the time to determine what was going on, understand what I thought caused the problem and addressed the muscle tightness that was causing the pain. Immediate relief. She also spoke with me about specific stretches and strengthening that would help keep the problem from occuring again. I highly recommend her.
Susan kidder
Massage for health and relaxation! Vicki is the best massage therapist I have ever had. She not only gives a great massage but she cares enough to teach you about your body and muscles . You come away witha greater understanding of 'how things work' . This is very helpful when you have an injury and know what to do. Addressing injuries/pain Vicki has helped me numerous times to eliminate pain and then what I can do after the massage. I drive over 45 min. For my appointment and it is well worth it. Friends ask " why not find someone closer to home" , my reply Is " there is no one like Vicki who is devoted to great care and who really cares"
Jean Sabinash
Excellent and Knowledgeable Service Vicki's knowledge and hours deticated to massage therapy is proven by her ability to provide an outstanding health healing and relaxing massage. I look forward to my monthly massage.
Donna Broske
therapeutic massage has great knowledge of the muscular system and does an excellent job on giving you releif from pain through trigger points.
Excellent Therapist Vicki is very professional and extremely knowledgable about everything she does. She puts the health and well being of her patients first!! That is hard to find nowadays in the health care profession. I would rate her tops in her field and would highly recommend her to anybody.
Lois Grosse
Vicki Walther I had many massages before I came to Vicki. Never before had I ever experienced such professionalism, and never before have I felt so relaxed, mentally as well physically. I have recommended Vicki to everyone I know. I would not go to anyone else unless I had to.
Weekly massage Vicki's massages keep me moving, no matter how tight or sore my body gets! Her knowledge of anatomy is impressive, and she is able to trace a problem area to its source, and eliminate it. I don't know what I'd do without her!!
Pamela R
Knowledgable healing touch I have been going to Vicki regularly now for over 2 years, and she has been an invaluable resource for health information, not to mention a necessary part of my overall personal health program. Vicki is not just a "feel-good" massage therapist; she knows the body and can read where the stiffness is just by watching you move. The accurate pressure she uses in just the right places(even if they are somewhat painful to begin with) completely dissolves the pain and leaves you with a total relaxation such as I have never experienced with any other therapist.
My neck feels fabulous Thank you I went to see Vicki with neck pain that was also giving me headaches. It was somewhat better immediately and after just three treatments it is a distant memory. Many thanks for your professionalism and skill.
"Wow! I can move. I gotta go use this!"

As a new client I was suprised to note that I could move both shoulders in a complete circle after one session and have been pleased to enjoy full range of motion ever since.

Vicki Walther, LMT, CMT
Muscle imbalance responsible for many symptoms A man that works in a factory setting started coming for massage therapy to reduce pain in his shoulders and back. He appreciated the almost immediate relief and was suprised by the results of the assessment ~ he didn't realize that muscle imbalance could be responsible for symptoms as diverse as headaches, carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet, frozen shoulder.
New Review Went for a massage to deal with shoulder pain and low back problems. The results have been phenomenal! Shoulders feel great, low back is considerably better and I was suprised to find that my knee no longer "locks up".
Vicki Walther, LMT, CMT
Vacation time not used as sick time: what a concept! A client recently reported that he was in a predicament: He had 3 weeks of vacation time that he could actually use for vacation this year! For years he has consumed his vacation time to cover days off due to muscle soreness and joint pain. His predicament was where to go, what to do for vacation!
Simply Cool Compression Wrap:

Simply Cool Compression Wraps, what a great product for kids. I recently used one on my sprained ankle. The Simply Cool Wrap worked well to keep my swelling down and because no ice was needed, the wrap never felt unbearably cold. Any time I needed to refresh the wrap, I gave it a couple of snaps and I could re-wrap my ankle in the cool wrap without having to get up and go to the freezer.

I wish I had one of these when my daughter was small. It was very difficult to get her to put ice on a bump because she did not like the cold feel of ice, even when wrappped in a towel.

These would be great shower gifts and should be part of everyone's medicine cabinet.